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We all want the best for our loved ones. We look forward to seeing our kids graduate from college, fairy tale weddings, paying off our mortgage and starting a well-earned retirement. But what would happen if we suddenly weren’t there for these milestones? That’s where BankWest life insurance can help.

Life insurance protects your family’s standard of living. Visit with a BankWest Insurance professional to determine how much life insurance you need to ensure that your family is able to accomplish the dreams you built together.

Term life insurance
Insures you for a predetermined amount of time.
Whole life insurance
Insures you until the time of death.
Mortgage protection life insurance
Covers your home mortgage so that life insurance benefits can be used to get your family back on its feet.

Customers have a variety of life insurance options. Please visit with your BankWest Insurance professional to discuss these and other options that might fit your needs.

These three provide the most popular forms of protection.

Term life insurance

Term life insurance is often the cheapest option. It stays in effect for an agreed period, or until you reach a certain age. Term life insurance pays the face amount if you die within the term of the policy, but pays nothing if you outlive the policy. Premiums are usually lower while you are young, and increase with age to reflect the increased risk to the insurer.

Whole life insurance

As the name suggests, this type of policy covers you until the point of death, or until canceled through agreement or nonpayment. Over time, the product accrues a cash surrender value, which is an amount you are entitled to should you decide to terminate the policy. Or, it pays out a fixed amount on your death. The premium amount remains constant.

Mortgage protection life insurance

Your home is probably your biggest asset and the largest investment you will make. If your family’s income decreases drastically due to your death, ordinary life insurance may not cover expenses after they pay off the mortgage. Mortgage protection insurance is specifically there to cover the mortgage so that the life insurance pay-out can help your family get back on their feet. Ask your BankWest Insurance professional if this coverage is right for you.

BankWest works with dozens of companies to ensure you have the right protection for your specific needs.

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“BankWest Insurance makes my life easier. They get me the best coverage at the best price, keep my policies up to date and are a pleasure to do business with.”

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Anderson Dental in Rapid City
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