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Rapid City Health Insurance Coverage

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BankWest Health Insurance – Rapid City


BankWest Insurance in Rapid City is committed to providing affordable health care plans to South Dakota residents. Whether you need a personal, commercial or family health care policy, BankWest Insurance in Rapid City can help you navigate through a variety of choices and select the right plan for your needs and budget.


To visit with one of our independent insurance agents, please visit our BankWest agency in Rapid City’s Tuscany Square. As a Trusted Choice insurance provider BankWest is proud to offer some of the most personalized health insurance options in the Rapid City area.


Rapid City Insurance


Health Insurance Options in Rapid City


We understand the demand for quality health insurance, especially among people with families or severe medical conditions. BankWest Insurance offers a variety of plans to complement most financial and medical situations. And our experienced agents will never recommend a plan that doesn’t fit you and your lifestyle. That’s the BankWest difference! BankWest Insurance now specializes in four separate types of health insurance plans for Rapid City area residents:

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

Generally speaking, HMO is our most affordable plan. While the plans are more affordable, the physician choice is limited to a network of health care providers. Customers must choose one physician from the network as their primary physician, and they must get referrals through their primary physician to see specialists. For those who need to see a variety of specialists, it could be difficult to work with an HMO.

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Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

For individuals who require more frequent or specialized medical attention, Preferred Provider Organization is typically the most practical option. Patients in the Rapid City area with this plan have the freedom of choosing any physician or specialist they please. Additionally, reimbursement for out-of-network providers is at a cheaper premium than for in-network providers.

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Health Savings Account (HSA)

Healthy people with a low injury rate are often drawn to our HSA. The monthly premium is potentially the lowest available, and your payments go straight into a tax-protected savings account that is set-aside specifically for health care purposes. This plan could be the best deal if it suits your medical needs, as you’ll pay a lower monthly premium for a generally higher deductible.

Doctor holding piggy bank - Health Savings Account (HSA)


For those who can afford the majority of health care expenses up front, an indemnity plan may be the best health insurance route. With the most options for doctors and services, patients aren’t limited the way they would be in an HMO plan for instance. Additionally, this policy reimburses patients up to 80 percent of expenses after they’ve been treated and billed.

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Stop by our BankWest agency in Rapid City for all of your insurance needs:

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