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Your Mortgage Process - Step by Step

Building blocks that spell HOME

Easy and quick. These are the two words that best describe BankWest’s mortgage process. It starts with our experienced mortgage lenders. With our team on your side, your road to home ownership will be smoother, faster and easier.

Here are six easy steps, combined with an online application, to pave the way.


Step 1 – Getting started

The first step in BankWest’s mortgage process is completing an application. Financial information, including your credit rating, may be collected and we will ask for paperwork to confirm your employment status and income. Don’t worry, these are items you probably have on hand, such as pay stubs, tax returns and bank statements.

Step 2 – Bringing it together

The next step is combining your application with the documents you provided BankWest in step one. We will review these items and it may be necessary to provide us with additional paperwork, depending upon the type of mortgage you are seeking. If an appraisal is required, it will be ordered during this step.

Step 3 – Reviewing documentation

The third step is to carefully review the application and associated paperwork. We will verify your income and assets. We will also review the guidelines to ensure that we have all the details needed to complete your loan. Congratulations, you are halfway there!

Step 4 – Meeting the criteria

Some applications may meet the initial loan criteria, but may still require a few additional items to move it forward. If this is the case with your application, we will explain what is needed and help you collect the information required to complete the process.

Step 5 – Getting you home

This is the final step in the mortgage process. If there are any remaining details, we will let you know and ensure that all of our ducks are in a row. Get your pen ready … there are lots of closing documents to sign.

Step 6 – Home sweet home!

Congratulations! The process is complete. Enjoy your new home, and be sure to mention us to your family and friends.

BankWest tools that will help make the home-buying process easier!

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Our online application will get the ball rolling.
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What can I afford?
Let our experienced lenders help you determine how much you can borrow and what your monthly payments might be. In the meantime, use this link to make your own calculations.
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Find Your Dream Home
Multiple listing services are available in most South Dakota communities. With the help of a real estate professional, you can find the house that’s right for you.
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