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At BankWest, we take the time to know each of our customers personally. A strong relationship with your banker, combined with innovate financial accounts, will help ensure your long-term financial success. Open a BankWest personal account today!


Life is busy and the last thing you need is a complicated checking account. BankWest provides three simple and convenient options. Whether you want a basic checking account with no frills, or you would like to earn a little interest, there’s a personal account that’s right for you.

Checking Options


One of the most important things you can do is put away funds for a rainy day. That’s especially true if your rainy day looks strangely similar to a new home, college education or dream vacation! At BankWest, we have a number of savings options designed to serve your unique needs, including an account especially for the kids!

Savings Options

Money Market

Money Market Accounts are a great way to earn higher interest without tying up your money for an extended period of time. They offer convenient access, with the peace of mind your deposits are safely insured through the FDIC. BankWest offers two types of Money Market Accounts.

Money Market Options

Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit, also known as CDs, are among the safest investments a person can make. The accounts are FDIC insured and the customer is guaranteed to receive their initial investment plus interest accrued during the CD’s term.

CD Options


Are you saving for retirement? Are you looking for tax advantages? If so, an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) from BankWest might be the perfect tool for building a nest egg with perks.

IRA Options

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